Vitaly Friedman

Founder & Editor of SmashingMag

Vitaly Friedman

Founder & Editor of SmashingMag

How to measure Impact of Design

How to measure Impact of Design

May 15th & May 16th

1/2 Day Workshop



About the Course

How do we measure the quality of design? What metrics to use? How to bridge business objectives and UX goals? How to remove bias and guesswork from our design decisions? And how to measure and make a case for the impact of your UX work? Well, let’s figure it out, in the upcoming brand-new workshop with Vitaly Friedman.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to establish team-specific design KPIs, how to track them effectively, and integrate accountability and ownership for these metrics into your design process.

Who is it for?

Experienced designers with or without management experience who want to be able to get their team closer to the business.

What you'll learn

  • How to define KPIs that focus on user needs but also respects business needs

  • How to navigate the unpredictability of technical limitations and business constraints to still move confidently towards better design

  • How to define design success and UX metrics

  • How to improve team culture with better meetings, time estimates, expectations management and collaboration, in-house and remote– How you can define, apply and track design KPIs for your projects and for your teams



Vitaly loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. Born in Minsk, Belarus, he studied computer science and mathematics in Germany. While writing algebra proofs and preparing for software engineering at nights in the kitchen, at the same time he discovered passion for typography, interface design and writing. After working as a freelance designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine back in 2006, a leading online magazine for designers and developers. His curiosity drove him from interface design to front-end to performance optimization to accessibility and back to user experience over all the years.