Lin Cassie Zhen

Leadership Coach

Lin Cassie Zhen

Leadership Coach

Gracefully Navigating Changes & Uncertainties

Gracefully Navigating Changes & Uncertainties

May 16th




About the Course

We've all been there - restructuring, changing strategic directions, a star designer leaving, having a hard conversation with a challenging direct report... These situations can seem daunting, yet they are also normal parts of work and life. In this class, we will explore the foundational concepts to help us prepare for these work challenges. We'll also get a better understanding of our own leadership style and practice using it during challenging situations.

Who is it for?

New managers who are looking for a foundation in helping them navigate uncertainties; as well as seasoned managers looking to add a different perspective to their tool-belt

What you'll learn

  • Applying my values & leadership style to my role

  • Understanding my approach to facing uncertainties

  • Navigating difficult conversations



Cassie is a passionate leadership coach who helps people create profound changes through mindfulness awareness. After sixteen years of exploring various design fields, she discovered the rewarding nature of team leadership and people management. As a design team leader, she maintained a balance between the team's needs and individual designers’ growth. Cassie's focus now is on helping people achieve lasting, meaningful changes and deeper personal growth.