Martina Tranström

Product Design Manager, Hotjar

Martina Tranström

Product Design Manager, Hotjar

Coaching Tools for Team Managers

Coaching Tools for Team Managers

May 16th




About the Course

In this module, Martina will guide you through the process of inspiring individuals to believe they can surpass their self-imposed limitations.

Building trust with the people you manage is crucial, but how do you establish that trust? Martina will deliver into the importance of understanding their dreams and background, creating a plan that nurtures their belief in initiating change, and helping them discover their own solutions to overcome obstacles while identifying their genuine values. Don't miss this seminar, where Martina Tranström will lead you through these transformative processes and more!

Who is it for?

This is designed for both current Team Managers and those aspiring to become one. It is tailored for individuals in roles seeking strategies to inspire and lead their teams, with a main focus on one-on-one interactions.

What you'll learn

  • Build confidence as a leader

  • Identify you team's values to help them overcome obstacles

  • Become better at coaching your team into success



Martina Tranström, Product Design Manager at hotjar and a Coactive trained Coach, boasts 15 years of experience in running, design management, and coaching. Having collaborated with 30+ global brands across three continents, including hotjar, N26, H&M, Zalando, Blinkist, and CaraCare, she's also worked closely with esteemed agencies like IDEO, ustwo, and Fjord. Her rich background provides valuable insights into the benefits of open leadership coaching and its team impact.