Dee Scarano

Master Facilitator & Innovation Coach

Dee Scarano

Master Facilitator & Innovation Coach

Advanced Facilitation for Design Teams

Advanced Facilitation for Design Teams

May 15th

1/2 Day Workshop



About the Course

The workshop will teach you methods and techniques to facilitate teams through any type of collaborative session with multiple people.

Facilitation is the next big skill for design leaders. Whether you want to empower successful innovation, engage multiple stakeholders, avoid critical misalignments, or simply provide an inclusive environment for your team, confident facilitation is an essential part of any leader's toolkit.

Who is it for?

Leaders or designers who want to level up their strategic influence and lead teams more effectively.

What you'll learn

  • How to set up and run successful workshops with your team

  • Achieving real innovation through facilitation

  • Handling successful sessions with multiple team members



Dee Scarano facilitates innovation and collaboration practices for startups and large organizations all around the world. She’s a world leader in Design Sprint facilitation, and former AJ&Smart. Dee has trained teams and lead innovation at organizations such as Google, Twitter, LEGO, Microsoft, Tetra Pak, Lufthansa, Verizon, and many more.